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After nearly three decades in the residential construction business, including roles as a remodeler, general contractor and ultimately, a principal in one of the country’s largest home-building companies, F. Michael Payne founded Payne & Payne Builders in 1993 in the midst of a recession.

Initially, a day’s work consisted of him gathering up his tools and building a new porch on a Shaker Heights home, installing a brick patio in Russell Township or building a small addition. As the economy improved, soon Payne & Payne Builders built its first home. Mike’s extensive experience was evident in every project he completed and word spread quickly. Soon the phone began ringing frequently and Mike recruited his top trades and suppliers to help with construction and a corporation was launched.

Mike’s brother, Dave, joined him soon after, followed over the years by his sons as well as others considered “members of the extended family”. They have consistently led their market areas in Custom Home building and their reputation has spread dramatically through the voices of their many satisfied customers.

Their focus today is the same as it was in the beginning: Treat everyone as you would a family member and complete every project as if you were building your own home.

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Value Through Better Business Practices

Payne & Payne’s nationally award winning business practices have many advantages, such as the most aggressive supplier pricing available as well as the most loyal and experienced subcontractors in the business. This, in addition to their comprehensive understanding of home building, allows Payne & Payne to have excellent cost control of their projects, enabling them to not only provide more home for their customers’ dollar, but also to build to a wider range of budgets.

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