Kitchen Renovations

At Payne & Payne, we understand that the heart of a home is a kitchen. Our company specializes in custom kitchen renovations that provide an efficient and beautiful use of your space. From unique lighting treatments to high-end commercial appliances, our award-winning design team can incorporate your desires into a new kitchen design. Consider these options for your kitchen project:

  • Adding a kitchen island.

    Whether you entertain a considerable amount or your family simply likes to spend time together cooking, having a kitchen island can provide an excellent place to serve quick breakfasts before school or lay out a formal buffet during the holidays. Our islands feature custom designed cabinetry, countertop overhangs to allow for additional seating as well as a myriad of different countertop surfaces to meet your design specifications.

  • High-end appliances.

    If you are a cooking aficionado, then you will appreciate Payne & Payne’s access to high-end appliances. From dual-fuel ranges to oversized refrigerators, you can be sure that you’ll have all the tools that you need to make your dream kitchen a reality.

  • A focus on lighting.

    We carefully consider the lighting needs of your kitchen project to make sure that the needs of each workspace and overall decorative lighting is taken into consideration. You will be able to use your new Payne & Payne kitchen as an extension of your entertaining space as well as take advantage of fully functional work areas to create scrumptious meals.

When you work with Payne & Payne to create a new kitchen, we take the time to concentrate on the details that will make your renovation project the highlight of your home. From adding islands to high-end appliances to efficient lighting, you’ll never want to leave your new kitchen. Call 440.286.9758 or click here to schedule a complementary consultation.

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